SeaPup AUV

With the passion and dedication of a group of students and researchers, SeaPup was established. The team consists of undergraduate and graduate students with experiences in previous competitions as a former ZEABUS team. SeaPup connects students from various departments such as electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering.

Our team is technically supported by the Marine Robot Research Laboratory which is currently collaborating with a high-funded private company and financially supported by the Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University.



Internally referred to as the management team, administrators are responsible for the communication between engineers and the public by creating and managing media content. Additionally, administrators take care of internal relations as well, which is crucial to SeaPup’s operation as a whole.


The role of the electronics team is to design, develop, and debug electrical parts such as the electrical circuits, firmware and embedded systems, and drivers for embedded system communication. The focus of the electronics team concerns safety, reliability, and modularity.


Mechanics are responsible for designing and manufacturing all the mechanical parts including the main hull, frame, robot gripper, and torpedo launcher. With a focus on optimizing the payload and the stability of the robot through the design and analysis which would also be easy maintenance.


The software team can be categorized into 3 different groups: guidance, navigation and control (GNC), computer vision, and mission planner. The GNC focuses on the navigation and control algorithms of the robot by applying the knowledge of control theories. On the other hand, the computer vision team concerns with underwater image processing, object detection, and stereo cameras. Finally, the mission planner focuses on system and software integration as well as the analysis and algorithm development for completing the tasks.