What We Do


The faculty of engineering of Kasetsart University had signed an MOU with AI & Robotics Ventures (ARV), a high-funded private company. Our joint research focuses on advanced control algorithms in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) such as optimal trajectory generation and fault-tolerant control. The optimal trajectory generation generates the energy optimum trajectories for AUV manoeuvring through the ocean current. On the other hand, fault-tolerant control aims to develop a system that compensates for the partial fault of the underwater thrusters.


SeaPup is a student-run team that focuses on developing AUV for international competitions such as RoboSub and SAUVC. Our aim of being an AUV developing team is to deliver chances for students to learn and apply their knowledge developing on our current platform. Besides, students also have the opportunity to improve their technical skills and teamwork.


Fault-tolerant Control

The research focuses on developing a fault diagnosis module to detect and identify the failure of the AUV’s thrusters. Then, the information from the fault diagnosis will be used to reconfigure and regenerate the path and trajectory.

Autonomous Sailboat

The study area of this research concerns unmanned surface vessels (USV) and optimal path planning. The implementation of hybrid USV topology was applied by mounting a set of wingsail to the vessel, resulting in thrust forces. This led to less energy consumption of the thrusters since the movement was created by the wind. The optimal trajectory and path planning were also applied to the vessel.